I learned to sew at the age of eight years old by my Aunt Grace Collins. I enjoyed sewing from the very start. At the start, I sewed simple clothes. Later, I sewed my prom dress. I was in drama classes at school and sewed costumes. Today, I continue to sew clothes, as well as home accessories, such as, curtains, pillows, table runners, wall hangings and more. I became interested in quilting when I moved to New Jersey 30 years ago. I like quilting for many reasons, but mostly because it allows me to create my own designs and use an endless choice of lovely fabrics. I encourage you to be creative whenever possible.

Because of my love for quilting and public speaking, I decided three years ago to present, “The History of Quilting in America and Modern Quilts”. The modern section is when I show and talk about quilts that I’ve created. The quilts are either the result of classes I’ve taken or sometimes I’ve taught myself, such as “origami” (Asian art of folded designs). Some of the techniques I’ve learned are: stain glass, origami, memory quilts, embroidery machine projects and more. You can see pictures of these quilts on the page called, Passion for Quilting.

I was born in Oahu, Hawaii. As happens with many of us, we appreciate our heritage much more when we move away from where we were born. In 2008, I felt that I wanted to do something worthwhile with my life. I decided to write a presentation called, “Hawaiian History, Culture and Hawaiian Quilts”. I’ve done this presentation for six years and am very proud of it. I enjoy public speaking and relating to my audience in a friendly manner. Read my agenda and see a few pictures on a page called, Hawaiian History and Quilts.