The picture is of my sister, Lisa Ann and I while on a visit to the island of Kauai. This is the sixth year that I am presenting this lecture. I was born in Oahu, Hawaii and am of Hawaiian and Portugese descent. This is the reason that I am very proud to speak to people about my history and culture. I’ve enjoyed sewing and quilting for many years so three years ago I decided to change my lecture to include information about our quilts and hand applique.


*Captain Cook discovers the Hawaiian Islands and a few important changes take place and how this effects the Hawaiian people

* Highlights of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii (known as the Big Island)

* The Royal Monarchy and Iolani Palace and history of our government

* Historical 94th annual King Kamehameha Day Parade to honor our first king

* Our music and hula dance (I am pleased to dance the hula for you)

* The missionaries taught the Hawaiian women to sew clothes. They also educated the children, created the first alphabet and did other great things

* Hear a few interesting stories about the history of Hawaiian quilts

* Learn about the history of the Hawaiian style of appliqué and their unique pattern designs
* Show a variety of things from the islands that I have owned for many years

* The cost is $150.00 plus a mileage fee of 0.80/per mile (includes round trip miles).
* Announcement of a HAWAIIAN APPLIQUE WORKSHOP. The appliqué may be sewn to either a pillow top or wall hanging. Cost is $250.00 plus a mileage fee of .80 per mile, covering round trip miles

* The main purpose of the workshop is to share the history of Hawaiian applique and quilting. I will teach you how the Hawaiians prepare their quilt before they begin to do the applique stitch. You will also learn how to do “echo quilting” which is the method used to quilt your applique. These methods are still being done today Contact me for more details and questions.

Here is an example of a few things that you will see at my lecture.  I own many things from my beloved islands that I want to share with all of you.


Purchased this in a kit while visiting in Hawaii. These kits can be bought on the internet. Search Hawaiian applique and you will find websites.


This was also a kit. All the fabric, batting and instructions come in the kit. Be careful to buy a kit that states that the pattern is for a beginner if you’ve never done this before.


I took two classes in 2014 at Iolani Palace located on Oahu, Hawaii that I enjoyed very much. My teacher’s name is Ranette Serrao. Her father is the most well known designer of applique designs in the islands. Her mother, who is deceased, has taught many students in the islands, as well as in other states. There were ladies from California, Texas and Colorado in my class. My applique pattern is called the breadfruit.