Have you ever wondered what ORIGAMI is all about? Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. Asian people have done origami for centuries. Because I sew and quilt I naturally love working with fabric. You will use fabric to fold a simple flower. We will sew a pin on the back of this flower so that you can wear it on your clothes. All supplies are provided by me. This enjoyable class is 2 hours long.
Cost to the organization booking a date with me is $50.00 (plus mileage fee of 0.80/per mile). The cost will cover round trip miles.

Cost per student is $10.00 (minimum of 10 students is required with a maximum of 15 students). If you have 15 students I will reduce the cost per student to $8.00 each. Contact me for more details and questions.


I had so much fun designing this wall hanging myself. The two books that I used to teach myself how to do fabric origami are:

Flower Origami written by Kumiko Sudo

Fantastic Fabric Folding written by Rebecca Wat

The instructions are easy to understand and written by two very creative origami designers.

In order to take the advanced class, I require you to take the beginner’s pin class. This will ensure that you have a basic idea of how to fold the fabric properly. This class will teach you how to fold origami flowers using two fabrics instead of one. You will sew one of these wall hangings and learn the Asian method of quilting that will enhance your design. I encourage you to design the vase yourself as I’ve done.

I will also teach you how to make your own bias tape which is used for the stems of the flowers and my method for sewing the leaves. Contact me for details regarding the supplies and cost. This class will probably take 4 to 5 hours to complete.